mediterranean rice and spices
flafel pita and middle eastern salad with tahini

It started with one Iraqi girl's passion for food, cooking and a love for products that were not offered anywhere online. My family and I had to move out of Iraq due to unstable conditions post the 2003 war.  We emigrated to the US and started living in Massachusetts from late 2008 to mid 2014 and there was only one halal/middle eastern store within 50 miles, very small and with limited products. We had no access to authentic products that we grew up with and loved, as well as little to no online stores that shipped. We decided to move to Michigan in mid 2014 and discovered the little middle east that is in Dearborn and were overwhelmed with how many stores and the large variety of authentic products that get imported here.


Fast forward to 2020, I was sharing middle eastern products with my co-workers and family to taste as a fun activity to do at home and to my delight, everyone loved them. That's when I got the idea to create this business and here's to hoping that you as well will love what we have to offer. 

We operate 100% online and the store is run by said Iraqi girl and her mother. We taste test all the products to ensure quality and deliciousness. Everything that we sell here is enjoyed by us as well and we are happy to share the culture and the taste of home.

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